30 x 9.7 cm Massage Foam Roller in 3 Colors

  • $19.95




Foam rollers are used for massage and trigger point therapy. They aid in relaxation, reducing tension, and help increase blood flow.

Even though it’s made with less foam than most traditional foam rollers, this 30 x9.7 cm foam roller doesn’t disappoint. Whether you’re a fitness fanatic or a weekend warrior, you’ll appreciate the roller’s unique zoned surface design, which promises a targeted and effective massage. It’s designed to hold up to heavy, consistent use and features a rigid core. This foam roller works for athletes and weekend warriors along with coaches, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals. Its compact design allows easy to store and easy to carry.


  • Brand Name: VKTech
  • Model Number: 007
  • Massage Foam Roller
  • Surface: Raised
  • Material High-Density EVA
  • Size: 30 x 9.7 cm
  • Color: Blue, Purple & Green

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